Cows, Bulls, Oxen, Oh my!

We have a variety of highly trained cows, bulls, and Oxen.  Some ride in a bridle and saddle, some stand on a mark just like human actors and some even do tricks!  They drive in a harness or drive in a yoke.  We have a large team of Oxen that have experience on set and in the field.  They can pull close to 5,000lbs from a stand still.  Did you know that Oxen are so well trained that they respond to commands such as step ahead (come ahead just a little bit), back up, turn left and turn right?  Cows are extremely intelligent and as smart as a horse or a dog to train. We have a cow who bows, fetches and recalls like a dog. We have dairy, beef, long horns and miniature cattle all available for work.  All tame and extremely well trained.  Safe in an elevator and proven in studios. Call today, our animal actors are always ready for action!!

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