Our goats are the real G.O.A.T.  (Greatest Of All Time)  A majority of our goats are rescues who wouldn't have made it past their first weeks of life if we hadn't rescued them.  All of them are "bottle" babies, meaning we brought them home around a week or so old and fed them via bottle until they were old enough to eat grain and hay on their own.  A couple were house broke and slept in bed like a puppy.  We find that the better bond we can create with our animals, the more comfortable they are in new environments and the better they are at doing the behaviors at hand. They all have wonderful personalities, enjoy rides in the car, wanders about in the woods and have a long list of capabilities. From doing tricks to coming when called, these guys are trying hard to show the dogs how it's done. Our goats have been on set for companies such as Ralph Lauren, Saks, The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Love at First Flight, Regions Bank, Nutrena Grain, Starz, Harper's Bazaar, Chanel, Dimitry and Co. & Lifetime TV. 

Bring on the goats!