We have a large selection of highly trained and proven horses for set work

- Liberty/trick horses

- Cast horses

- Stunt riders

- Driving horses

- Mules and Donkeys

Lessons available to help your talent look confident and natural on horseback.

A liberty horse is a horse doing tricks or behaviors without any contact from the handler or equipment. This allows our highly skilled trainers to work horses behind camera getting the natural look that companies seek.   Our trick horses are trained to rear, paw, lie down, strike, nod yes or no, paw, fight, stand on a mark, jump, roll, sit up, kiss, fetch/pick up things, push balls, strong recall (set free and run to our trainers on command), look left or right, fall like they've been shot to name a few. Our horse actors have been exposed to bright lights, loud sounds, traffic/cars, sound booms, silk screens, carriages and various animals and much much more, making them safe and solid for work on set. Driving horses from singles to 6 ups (6 horses driving together).  A large selection of colors available.  Contact for a full catalog.  Below are a few of our animal actors.  Check out these hashtags on social media to see our horses in action. #LTDanimals #ltdequineactors #patrickthewonderhorse #pleasesiroliver

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