Ryan Peterson


Ryan Peterson, son of the famous movie trainer, Rex Peterson, (most famous for Black Beauty, Hidalgo, The Horse Whisperer and over 70 other films) has grown up training horses.  Everyday after his studies had concluded, Ryan would train 5 horses for his father, generally working with the toughest, hardest horses around because that's what the Peterson's specialized in.  Ryan has grown up in the Movie business and has prepped/trained horses for countless productions.  Most recently Ryan trained all 25 horses for the two seasons of Stephen Soderbergh's HBO/Cinemax production "THE KNICK" starring Clive Owen.  Consistently 18 horses went to set and Ryan managed all harness, wagons and horses.  Solely responsible for all the training and breaking of these horses leading to production, Ryan's consistent methods and kind nature proved to produce countless steady, solid horses.  Well rounded in his skills, Ryan's skill set ranges from roping, driving, trick training, jump riding/english, breaking/starting young horses, problem/bad horses, training actors or the everyday rider.  Focusing on safety and honing in on each animals personality, Ryan believes that no two horses are alike and that each horse should have a program detailed to it.  Most recently Ryan worked on the HBO's hit show "West World".  Ryan excels at bringing the best out in the animals and humans he trains.  Always producing the shot required of him, calm under pressure, all while keeping safety as the number one priority. 

"I believe each horse is unique, just as a person is.  Not every horse will fit in every mold.  To get the best out of my horses, they have to trust me, I have to know what they like and don't like.  To get the results I want on set, roping or just out driving they have to be my partner.  No horses should be forced or trained out of fear, the results are temporary and being an animal of prey, if trained out of fear, the pressure will become to much and they will quit on you.  My horses trust me, work as my partner and have total faith in me which allows me to do anything with them. Focus on building a partnership, whether just out on the trail or if you plan on heading to the show ring or set, the stronger your partnership with that animal, the better your results will be.  Focus on that and success will be automatic." ~ Ryan Peterson

Ryan driving on set


Ryan and Patrick backstage