Show me the Sheep!

Our amazing sheep are highly trained and wonderful to work with.  These guys are all rescued and in fact one pair was raised by a kid who refused to let them be sold at market so we ended up with them.  The funniest part about her sheep is that she trained them for selfies!  She didn't do it intentionally but the minute you take a camera out, these girls come right to it.  All of our sheep show tons of personality and accompanied with their amazing abilities, these sheep don't fit in, they stand out.  Some of their capabilities are walking on a leash, going up and down stairs, stand still where ever you ask them to, able to work on grass and not just take off grazing, ride in a car and in an elevator.  They have been exposed to studios, cities and various other distractions.  Our sheep are well traveled and love being with people, making working on set a breeze for them. We also have lambs (baby sheep) that can be held or fed a bottle.  

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Sheep, please