Christine "pitty" Pitcairn

Christine and Ollie


Christine Pitcairn, (better known as Pitty to friends and family) grew up surrounded by animals.  Her Father's love for animals led to breeding and training of just about anything from dogs (primarily Rottweilers), exotic birds/fowl, rabbits, cats, mice, rats, etc combined with living next door to Flamig Farm, an educational farm with the full farm line up (600 chickens, turkeys, ducks, goats, cows, horses, ponies, miniature horses/donkeys, pigs, llamas, emus).   Christine could be found most days at home or at the farm mucking pens just to spend time with the animals.   Christine has experience training all sorts of animals, from chickens that would sit on your shoulder like a parrot, to rats that came when they were called or fetched things, to dogs having a better vocabulary than some children, goats to be like dogs, pigs to come into the house and sit like a dog.  Having started riding the ponies at Flamig Farm as a wee kid, Christine started proper lessons at 4 and joined a world class program when she attended the prestigious Ethel Walker School from 6th - 12th.  With a well rounded education from Rick Caldwell (short listed for the olympic eventing team), Linda Langmeier (1983 Maclay winner and well known Equitation/Jumper coach) and Dean Miller (upper level event rider/race horse trainer),


Christine received not only an education in the saddle, but a wonderful education in barn care/management.  Having a job in the barn the entire time she attended EWS, Christine has exceptional horse care skills. Christine trained and worked alongside Bruce Davidson (two time world champion, multiple Olympic medal winner including 2 gold medals for 3 Day Eventing) which led her to training the horse the played Topthorn in War Horse for Rex Peterson to be an Event horse for amateurs. Christine worked alongside Rex Peterson after that to learn the ins and outs of trick training/movie training to expand her education. Christine is a competent, kind and caring trainer.  Whether it's a tricky horse, a timid rider or an actor, Christine will produce the results you are looking for whether it's for set or for the show ring.  With a background in western, dressage, show jumping, Eventing, and training multiple species, Christine has a knack for "speaking" animal and can produce the results you are looking for. 


A Word From Christine

"I am passionate about my animals.  I live my life around whats best for them. I believe that if you can speak animal, then you can get them to do anything for you. Each species is different, but the principles are the same, whatever you allow you are training. I teach a lot of riding lessons and people are constantly blaming the horses.  But if you allow it, you are teaching it. I always side with the animals. Animals are very honest, and forth wright with their opinions. People always have something to prove.  I am always bridging the gap between humans and horses, humans and dogs, humans and cows, etc.  If you are kind, if you are caring, if you take good care of your animals, they will always, ALWAYS be there for you.  In my favorite sport, three day eventing, the horses can not be beaten or forced into their job. They have to be your partner, they have got to want to fight for you, take care of you. I train for that trust, that partnership, once you have that, you can do anything with an animal." 

~ Christine Pitcairn